Products Offered

Cracked Pecans

Cracked Pecans are our specialty and offer the best value for the money.

From a 5 pound bag of cracked pecans you can expect at least 2.1 pounds of halves and pieces that you can pick out for yourself. 

From a 3 pound bag of cracked pecans you can expect 1.25 pounds or more of halves and pieces.

Missouri Native Pecans typically pick out 42% - 50% from the shells.  Shells weigh less than kernels so it may look like you have a lot of shells but the nut meat weight is more.

Shelled Pecans: Halves and Pieces

We have more processing time invested in separating the kernels from the shells so these cost more per pound than our cracked pecans.  We understand that in this rush, rush world we live in that many people don't have the time to pick them out themselves.

We offer 1 pound packages of the halves for those recipes that look pretty with halves, like pecan pies or brownie tops.

We also offer 1 pound packages of the pieces for recipes that require chopped nuts.  They will save you time chopping for those cookies or salads.

Gift Baskets or Mailers

For those holiday and gift giving occasions allow us to make up for you from our selection of gourmet products.  We do offer 8 ounce bags of pecans for those and we are adding snack size bags for walk-in customers as well.

Gourmet Products - seasonal

We will have other types of nuts and products available to purchase for yourself or as gifts.  We are hoping to add assorted types of pecan candies to our choice of items available as well made from locally grown pecans.  Pecan oil tastes great used in dressings and stir-fry.

Services Available

Grove management is available for those that need help clearing sticks and debris from their groves and mowing.

Harvey's can assist you with custom harvesting.  We have a tree shaker that assist the nuts dropping from your trees and a picker to pick them up afterwards.

Custom cracking of your own pecans is available whether we helped harvest them or you picked them up yourself.

Our cracked and shaken pecans, which are different from cracked and blown, will still be offered to our longtime customers.

We will purchase pecans from you if you don't want all or part of your harvest.  This is a wonderful way to get that extra cash for the upcoming holiday season.


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About Our Business

Pecan Storage

The pecans from our facility do not have any additives or preservatives so if they are not stored properly they may become moldy or rancid because of the high oil content. They won't harm you if they become rancid but they won't taste very good.

You can store them at a cool room temperature for a few weeks if the humidity is low, 65 - 70%. Store pecans in air tight containers so they don't absorb other scents or flavors in the air.  Pecans will keep in the refrigerator at 40 degrees or less for up to 9 months. Stored in the freezer at 0 degrees or colder they should be good for 2 years or more if.

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